Are you looking for a job in Germany or Austria?

We help interns, specialists, nurses and laboratory technicians to start working abroad free of charge.

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Who are we

We are a licensed employment intermediary for finding work abroad

  • „Mediprofil“ Ltd. is a Bulgarian company holding an indefinite employment intermediary license № 3233 issued by the National Employment Agency.
  • We are specialized in the medical field. Our clients are interns, specialists, nurses and laboratory technicians from all over Bulgaria who want to live and work in Germany or Austria.
  • The principles we adhere to as a company are professionalism, responsibility and transparency .

Why should you trust us

Your success determines our success

  • All our services are completely free for our clients.
  • By choosing us you save money because we bear the costs of fulfilling the requirements for practicing the profession in the country in question, which would otherwise be at your expense.
  • Only your future employers reward us for a job well done and this is not at the expense of your salary.

How do we work with our clients

Individual approach with each of our clients

Step #1

Free consultation

Book an appointment for a free and non-binding consultation to discuss your situation and find out what we can do to help you.

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Step #2


We will prepare an individual action plan tailored to your situation. Thanks to it, you will have a precise and clear idea of each step we will take to reach the ultimate goal.

Step #3


We get to work and execute the plan while being in touch the whole time either by phone, chat or email depending on your preferences.

What are the advantages for you

Assistance from beginning until the end


We help with gathering the necessary documentation for the application.


We take over all correspondence with the approbation authorities in the process of obtaining approbation.

Language exam

We share with you tips about the medical language exam which will increase your chances of success.


We organize the trip for the language exam and job interviews from Bulgaria to the country in question and back.

Job offer

We find a suitable job offer according to the requirements with good working conditions and high pay.


We cover the costs of approbation, language exam and travelling.

How to book an appointment

Fill in the form and we will contact you to arrange a free and non-binding consultation